Custom Made Information

For Custom Made Dress, please complete the format below and offer us when you place the order. Or contact us, we are always at your services.

1. Bust: ___Cm/Inches

2. Waist:___ Cm/Inches

3. Hips: ___Cm/Inches

4. Front Length Shoulder To Floor With Heel: ___Cm/Inches

5. Shoulder to shoulder:___Cm/Inches

6. Front Length Shoulder to nipple:___Cm/Inches

7. Front Length Shoulder to waist:___Cm/Inches

8. Waist to floor with heel: ___Cm/Inches

9. Nature height without heels on: ___Cm/Inches

10. Height of Heels: ___Cm/Inches

11. Dress Color( Please select a Color No. from our Color Chart): ___Color NO. #

12. Wear Date:___

Notice: For long sleeve dress, following size information are necessary
(About how to measure, please check the measurement form in the images.)
13. Arms eye:    CM
14. Bicep:    CM
15. Sleeve length:    CM
16. Upper arm length:    CM